Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tim Burton, Shit Yeah!

I have been a huge Tim Burton fan ever since I first saw Edward Scissorhands over 20 years ago. This man does brilliant work, is really creative, has a style all his own and is a little dark and morbid, which I'm really into. I could go on and on about how awesome his work is but let's move on.
The collection I want to share with you today is Tim Burton's Tragic Toys series. I first came across these in a comic book store and immediately knew that I had to have the entire collection. It took me a few years but I managed to do it. So, here for your viewing pleasure are Tim Burton's Tragic Toys.

This is one of many collections of random things that I have. I tend to collect stuff; mostly things that I just find beautiful or interesting. I will be sharing my other collections with you in the future. Hopefully, this will be a fairly regular feature on the blog; I'll be sure to post updates and new additions to the collections so that you can see them grow and evolve along with me.
I think the reason I enjoy collecting so much is because pretty much everything I collect has a story to it; some kind of history. Especially with found objects like rocks and feathers and shells, it's neat to think what these items have seen in their time; and with things like feathers I wonder what sort of life the bird whose feather it was lived; what kind of experiences did it have. These are fun things to think about even though you can never get a real answer for them.
What sort of things do you like to collect? I would love to see pictures.

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